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The Stupid, The Dumb and The Beautiful


Hey media whores, yeah you!

Oh, what the hell... this is the last time I'll mention that whore on my site. Speaking of the media whores will Britney bare all for big bucks? Why not? She's already tossed aside the good girl image. Be the skank America wants Britney!!

Going from trash to beauty is Kurt Wenner: master street painter. Some truly amazing work.

Well I finished off the viewing of the Two Towers extended edition. This review sums it up pretty well. A lot more depth and background to an already amazing film. Only one more month until Return of the King and I can't wait. I think this Lord of the Rings trilogy is going to hold it's ground far better than The Matrix and we don't need any more stuff like this happening from Matrix movies.

The holidays are soon approaching and that means soon enough the pants will feel a little tighter. Usually our office gets quite a bit of goodies and treats to eat. However, most of the office is on some sort of extreme anti-junkfood diet. What does that mean? You guessed it, I get most of the goodies. The problem is with the cold weather my bike riding is nill and without that, the calories are winning. I could try a diet, but I'm no Atkins sucker (I like bread). Atleast we don't have a Krispy Kreme shop around.

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