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It's been quite a few years since I visited Chicago. Actually I have been there twice and what I remember most first was the pizza, one time it sucked and the second time it was amazing, and second, seeing baseball games. Twice I saw games at Wrigley Field and once I saw a game at (what is know known as) U.S. Cellular Field. Back when I saw my game there it wasn't called that, but frankly I can't remember what it was called. Wrigley Field is by far the better park to see a game at. I feel lucky because the first time I saw a game there they still didn't have the lights installed for night games. I think they finally installed them when MLB realized that hell might actually freeze over and the Cubs might make it to the playoffs and have to play ¨‘prime time¨’ games. I would highly recommend to any baseball fan if you haven't seen a game at Wrigley, it's worth it. If you've found it hard to get tickets or hate paying scalpers, good news is here.

Rolling Stone's Top 500 Albums list is out. These things are always very subjective, so I'm still mulling over it. My wife subscribes to the magazine, so when this issue arrived I had a little more interest that the usually issue with Britney Spears looking skanky on the cover where Kid Rock gets 4-star reviews. I did notice that The Flaming Lips didn't make the list, especially with Soft Bulletin which ieasilyiy one of the better albums of the last decade. I have the right to complain about this one when stuff like Eninem is on the list and Ice-Cube is not. Of course it's subjective. More on this to come.

If you think Rolling Stone is crap, then maybe it should be on, which is easily the weirdest site I've scene in a while. Bravo!

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