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Maybe AOL Call alert isn't a good thing

Yesterday I mentioned only one month left until Christmas and today it felt even closer as we drew names for the yearly office Christmas gift exchange. I got a co-worker who will be easy to shop for so that's a good thing. Then discussion came up about the white elephant gift exchange we have with our office party. Everyone knows what a white elephant gift exchange is supposed to be, except for my office. How could that be possible? Well it seems that everyone here treats it as the 'gather up as much garbage and put it in a pretty wrapped box'. Seriously, items such as an old door bell, a useless box of old fuses, and busted electronic devices have been brought as gifts. With all white elephant gift exchanges there are rules for stealing presents. Usually there are maybe 2 or 3 presents that aren't total crap and those are stolen, but if you open one of the typical boxes of crap, then you are stuck with it and that's that.

This year, the word got out that this tradition sucks worse than Paris Hiltons amateur acting hour, so something new is brewing. I put the word in to just have a rule about bringing actual presents people might want. I know that concept is unheard of, but it might work.

Last night my wife and myself made our way to some gourmet food at the local Red Robin. I'm not sure who put the term gourmet in Red Robin food, but it was and will never be me. Sure it's better than fastfood burgers, but for $9 a burger, I can do much better. One thing I do like about my previous meals at this establishment, is that when you order a burger it comes with 'bottomless steak fries'. I think in the dining world one of my favorite phrases is all-you-can-eat, because I can eat. Last night my burger arrived with a meager portion of fries, but I knew more would be coming later, so no big deal, right? Not so, our waitress checked back on us 10 seconds after a food arrived and not one until the bill was ready. HELLO!!!! Bottomless fries!?!?! I did get some more, but it would have been much nicer than having to flag down the bus boy to get them. Time to use how to complain 101.

As the holiday season grows nearer, probably the only gift I would truly drool over would be a nice shiny new iPod. I thought they were as good as it gets, until I saw the iPod's Dirty Secret. Hmmm, not a good thing. Seems though that it's not really that bad though. So the Dell's Kryptonite still has a way to go.

Bad album covers 1, and bad album covers 2, and the worst headline ever. Looks like Michael Jackson wants to get the truth out. Of course if you really want the truth, check out the Zion Archives. Frankly, I don't care if I am in the Matrix, because turkey tastes good and I plan on shoving a bunch in my tummy tomorrow. Ignorance is bliss, right Britney Spears?

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