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You Gotta Get Up Early In Order To Suck


I guess I don't get typical consumer sheep

Rabbit! Rabbit!

Before eating one small bite of turkey, American had been bombarded by mass advertising for CHIRSTMAS 2003! Retailers used to be subtle about Christmas advertising before Thanksgiving, but to hell with that these days. I think Costco had the Christmas goods out on display in late August. Seriously I'm waiting for the day when retailers start the Christmas shopping season right after the Fourth of July, so that we can truly get 6 months of the bliss.

Shopping the day after Thanksgiving is what every retailer wants. Buying nothing is what a much smaller group of protestors wants. Guess who's winning?

I didn't give into the mass pile of retailer ads that poured from the Thanksgiving morning newspaper, but I did see two items that caught my eye. First a $33 vacuum from Wal-Mart and a $20 bread machine from Shopko. I honestly had the fear of death in my mind, of going to a store the day after Thanksgiving, let alone Wal-Mart. I didn't see a vacuum as a real hot Christmas gift, so I thought I could wait until 7:30 to hit the store as opposed to 6:00am. Boy, was I wrong. Apparently, you need to line up at 3am and get trampled to death if you want any of the hot ad items, which seems to mainly consist of $29 DVD players these days. I think these are the same DVD players you could buy for $40 a few weeks ago. Hmmmm, save $10 by standing in line for 3 hours and get pushed & shoved until you are a bloody pulp? I guess I value my time and personal health more than the rest of the country. Oh yeah, I did get the bread machine. Yummy.

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