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Pilot Can At The Queer Of God


Madness, indeed!

Day 2 in a full week of work after a nice 4 day weekend. How to keep the fire fueled. Well, the wonderful programmers at FOX networks finally bring us the "official" on-screen acting of Paris Hilton in The Simple Life. I wonder how much Ms. Hilton will "suck" tonight.

With arrivalvial of December already that means 2003 is soon going to be over. Was it a good year? Well, atleast it was an eventful year.

Since yesterday was the first day back after a 4 day weekend (damn I love the phrase 4 day weekend), I was fearful of checking my email. Wow only 650 spam messages over the weekend. It seems like there's always a bad nasty in big batch like that, because Mailwasher always hits one message and locks up and crashes. Then I have to re-download the message previews. And with 650 messages it's not lickity-split quick. After screwing around for no less than a hour on this, I finally have all the damn spam messages deleted and I can read my real email. Spamhaus reports than 60% of all email traffic is currently spam and that number should rise to 70% in 2004. Reading about the CAN-SPAM Act doesn't sound good either. Everybody seems to know spam is evil and is a real problem, but why is it the spammers always seem to win?

Looks like Microsoft is trying to be hip and cool again with the spoke, a new blogging service. For some reason why does this feel about a fresh as rotten tomatoes? Probably because it is. Somehow I bet they're coding this into the new Longhorn OS. I think I'll spring $20 for the pre-release and find out. I guess I should be happy Microsoft just didn't go out and purchase Blogger or Moveable Type. That would be scary.

Random thoughts: I guess November 22nd was a bad day to eat at McDonalds. Eat at mom's. Heh heh.

Michael Jackson stills swears he's never had that much plastic surgery. As if anyone believes him, presently the real Michael Jackson (or what atleast should be real.

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