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Please park in the rear of the Paris Hilton

I feel like a big time television junkie when I write posts like this today, but anyway here goes...

Last night was a busy television watching night for myself. Of course I'm following 24 which is getting a little better, but the bad soap opera feel still lingers every now and then. The conclusion of Battlestar Galactica was also on (at the same time as 24, so that meant some vcr recording was required). Last nights episode was the conclusion to the 4 hour (probably 2 1/2 after commercials) movie and was much better that the night before, probably due do the better battle scenes and knowing the characters a bit more. Plenty of comments on the sci-fi board good and bad. Essentially it felt like a remix to the original series rather than a new version. It was the same, yet different.

The real winner on tv last night had to be The Simple Life. Last night had the two girls either working at a fast food restaurant or posing as pole-dancing strippers in a local bar/nightclub. If there ever was a episode to show how stupid, trashy, ignorant and spoiled Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie are, this was it and damn does it make a fine show in the age of an overload of "reality based" shows. Obviously, with the way Paris and Nicole act on the show, there is no reality that they have to live in. Their mentality is simply, 'dress up pretty and have fun'. Maybe they are just pumping up the 'dumb rich girl' act for the cameras, but if they aren't I'd love to see them actually have to work for living expenses. With the show as it is, there are no consequences. So what if they flip off customers at work, put obscene messages on the readerboard, or do the job half-assed? Nothing. For someone who really does that job for a living it's got to be a real slap in the face, but damn it makes good tv. I'd like to see Paris and Nicole get fired and have to live in a cardboard box and dumpster dive for their next meal. I'm sure they could still sex it up and mock the homeless as well and damn it would make great tv.

Personally they should make a law against people being that rich and stupid. I doubt it would be worse than any of these laws.

Random stuff:

Fake Hobbit trailer but damn it's cool.

Yahoo develops new spam fighter. Can't be any worse than the current filter, which seems to let too many legit messages fall through to the bulk folder.

Forget using Lorem Ipsum for dummy mockup text. This text generator is much better.

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