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Obsolete Even Before It Starts, Just Ask Microsoft


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President Bush approved the CAN-SPAM bill but most critics (including myself) highly doubt that anything is really going to change with this bill.

With Bush's signature, a complex set of rules will take effect Jan. 1 to govern how companies may communicate with customers they already know and with people they don't. Falsified e-mail headers could be punished with prison terms, as could sending sexually oriented e-mail that is not properly labeled. The Federal Trade Commission receives new enforcement authority and could choose to set up a do not e-mail list akin to the commission's wildly popular National Do Not Call registry.

On the surface it sounds like a good deal, but I think that the real problem is that spammers don't play by the rules.

Analysts and spam-fighting companies have warned, however, that Can-Spam could lead to even more unsolicited commercial e-mail.

This bill actually gives spammers the right to send you spam.

Spam opponents have said that because Can-Spam will legalize nonfraudulent spam, every business in the United States could send an unspecified amount of unsolicited e-mail repeatedly, until the recipient asks to be removed. The Small Business Administration says there are 22.9 million small businesses in the country, and each one would be able to take advantage of this new legal right.

While legitimate businesses won't want to offend real customers with junk mail being blasted to them over and over again, they will be able to send out advertisements every now and then with legit opt-out lists. How many people want to spend an hour a day filling out opt-out forms? How will this really effect all the nasty spammers who use international open-relays to forge spam now? What will people really see with this bill? Well, I'm guessing that all the forged spam you see now will change little, but everyone will see an increase in the amount of spam because of now legal spam too. It's only going to get worse. It's now time to treat any new email address you get like your social security number. Don't give it out anywhere. It's going to take laws to reduce spam, but also some serious technology behind those laws if we really want to eliminate spam.

Speaking of technology, it's official. Microsoft cuts off Windows 98 and Windows NT. Windows 95 was declared obsolete, last December, even though I officially did that 5 years prior. Okay, so what's the big deal, everybody upgrades, right?

But a survey has showed that most organisations with more than 10 computers still use older products. The survey was carried out by US firm AssetMetrix. It found that 80% of the organisations it questioned were still using Windows 98 and 95.

Opps. What does this mean? No more security patches for those OS's. It's easy to say 'just replace older computers' and you'll be fine. In the real world businesses have tight IT budgets and replacing all their machines and software isn't an option. Around the world hackers will rejoice as they try to steal credit card info and other personal info stored on all these machines that will not longer be safe from future assualts.

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