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Get Out Before It Blows


It's Simple, Minds that is.

Tuesday. The day used to just be the day I needed to take out the garbage at night. This year it's also been the night of 24 , but lately it's been the night Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie get to look dumb on The Simple Life. Last night did not disappoint with destroying the old pickup truck, baking pies and letting one being eaten by a dog and the other got stepped on by Miss Richie. They also got to run a kissing booth at the local gala, where for a dollar you could kiss their skanky butts.

They're starting to make the town look bad. They're starting to make the family look bad.

Speaking of looking bad, let's just all admit that Saddam Hussein was looking pretty nappy when they pulled him out of the spider hole. Before you call the big bad Iraqi crazy, heís craftier than ever.

His bedroom was an unspeakable mess, but he had a supply of brand-new underwear, still in the store packages. He appeared not to have showered or barbered in weeks.

I think I figured out the underwear issue. Saddam was saving them for Paris Hilton. No fooling, the six degrees of Paris Hilton run deep my friend.

And while you're at it, quit hoggin all the teats !

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