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Get What You Really Want At Christmas


Merry Christmas America!

The end draws near of the longest weekend I've had in quite some time. Okay, Christmas had a lot to do with it, but once it was Christmas itself was over it actually felt relaxing. But I guess before I get into the relaxing, let's go back to the beginning.

My office had enough people being gone that we closed for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. What made this extra weird was my wife who usually was at home was working during the week and worked more hours than I did. This actually allowed me to probably be more ready for Christmas than her. That was probably a good thing, considering I was doing most of my gift buying Tuesday evening. I found the last-minute experience to be a little more than I wanted to deal with. I didn't realize that there would be as many people waiting until the last minute like myself. I think the stores love it with all the people wandering around in an aimless mission just grabbing up whatever doesn't seem like real junk. Of course this theory is always disproved the day after Christmas when stores take back all sorts of unwanted gifts. Before I met my wife my family pretty much made lists of what to buy, so the day after Christmas was always spent at home. Since then I've learned that people in general aren't so greatful when they don't get what they want...

Speaking of getting what you want, did we get what we wanted? Ummm... Ipod, digital camera.....well... Yeah, I must have been naughty. Probably the news of mini-iPods was one of the better presents I got since getting a $500 MP3 player is probably not in my future, but a $100 one could be. I did get a hand-me-down digital camera. Okay, trying not to sound cynical, but a older digital camera is about as desireable as used underwear. Okay, nix that, I could probably get more on eBay with certain used underwear.

Speaking of not getting what you want, there's probably only one way to deal with that. Wait until next Christmas? Hell no. Buy it yourself. To bring the monkeyinabox to the masses, I joined Cafepress because I needed to create the only place you can buy the monkeyinabox Paris Hilton thong . Need I say more? The thong is priced $1 more than the base price, so don't think I'll get rich unless Paris Hilton buys 20 gross. Okay, it's not autographed by Paris or anything, but it also doesn't cost $175 for a thong.

Maybe with some more 5-day weekends, I can do the world some more good. Then again...maybe not.

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Khandi said:

$175 for some skanky girl's thong? Ugh! Are there really people out there that are that desperate/depraved?

Jake Ortman said:

HAHA! Tha's great! I really need to tweak some of the stuff on my Cafepress store...I love your thong design, that's priceless!