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When It Snows It Really Snows


Yes we get orange snow sometimes.

The Winter thing seems to have really hitten us finally. Yesterday we finally got a decent amount of snow. What usually happens is the sun comes out later in the day and melts it all, but not this time. Last night it started snowing again and hasn't let up since. Fine and dandy you say? Well it sucks mostly when you don't get to play in it and instead have to shovel it, drive in it, and basically work around it when trying to schedule taking photos at construction sites. Also it means getting up an hour earlier to have enough time in the morning to deal with the new snow and get to where ever you want to go without crashing or being run over by some cocky Californian in a jacked up SUV who knows how to go, but not how to stop. It's a Winter Wondlerland afterall.

Brad wondered why I missed the local donut tree. I'll respond, with this is a messed up world and seeing donuts on a tree just doesn't do it for me anymore. When 60 Minutes interviews Michael Jackson you know things are really messed up. Okay, 60 Minutes isn't quite the hardest news source out there, but if Michael Jackson is a freak or not, does it really matter? I mean really? Saddam is caught, so we need to move on. Okay, I guess the real answer is I'm still in search of a $20 bill tree or atleast a tree with Krispy Kreme donuts.

Now that it's well past the year 2000, the Girl Scouts are trying to freshen up their image for the future by bringing in "hip" women to work as advisers.

We want an adviser who knows 50 Cent isn't two quarters

Damn, finally someone figured it out. As I sit here eating some Girl Scouts candy (yeah I know, you think the Christmas goodies would be enough) I look at the packaging, and basically it's about as hip as Ex-Lax. Okay, so how to really pump up the hipness and make the Girl Scouts a happening place? Damn, you can almost read my thoughts right? Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. Put the bi in Bling and put the hi in hip, those two are so with it, how could this possibly go wrong? Out with the boring and in with the bare midriff. Don't buy the cookies? How about kissing my butt for a dollar? Nothing wrong there and just think of how much better a person Britney Spears would have turned out with some proper hip training.

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