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Bye Bye 2003


Saving the best for last.

The end of the year is here, so we've saved the best for last, eh?

There are many best of 2003 lists around, so why should I be any different?

Battery issues were a bang in 2003. Yes even the beloved iPod had a dirty secret that prompted a response. The RIAA made a big splash this year with lawsuits against file swappers, some not even old enough to drive yet. Viruses & Spam were a bit hit in 2003 as well, but don't dispair because the recently passed CAN SPAM ACT will really mean more spam in 2004. Year will be the year of spamoetry slams.

The year could easily be described as bizarro.

Let's start with what was hands-down the year's biggest story: America's invasion of Iraq. The war itself was a smashing success. Piece of cake. Easy as pie...... But hey, at least we caught Saddam.

I don't think we ever found those pesky Weapons of Mass Destruction did we?

Arnold Schwarzenegger, who rose against machines in both Terminator 3 and the California recall. Though his ascent came by landslide in a year when many celebrities were asked to shut up, things really seemed to come together for him.

Once again California made a bold move to prove they aren't a bunch of dumb beach bums. Worked well.

We saw Michael Jackson brag about sleeping with kids only to act surprised when they dragged him to court. We saw reality TV look less like reality and more like plain old TV. We saw a space shuttle explode, Mount Rushmore disappear, and a French ad suggest we ditch freedom fries and 'fall in love [with France] again' -- and in a year that got underway with Raelian claims of a human clone

But really did any of thise catch you off guard?

it seems you can do pretty much anything on television now -- which would explain the success of Paris Hilton. So go figure.

Yes, finally we come to Paris Hilton. The year she went from just being a dumb blonde wealthy rich girl atleast she made a nice video.

A few weeks before sexy socialite Paris Hilton revealed she was a doofus on The Simple Life for not knowing what Wal-Mart is, she acted shocked - shocked! - that her homemade sex tape made it to the Internet. Then she went on Saturday Night Live to joke about it. Her demure reaction was the only thing this year faker than The Hulk.

Of course Paris' movie premier made it to the scene a little too late to crack more than number eight on the Most Talked-About Events 2003.

There were plenty of sporting events in 2003, but the defining moment for me had to be the year a Cub fan actually was blamed for the Cubs losing out on going to the World Series. Steve Bartman was evil in the eyes of all Cubs fans. How could he ruin it for all those loyal fans who waited so long for another World Series. In fact the damn ball that he touched is now evil as well, so it had to be destroyed. I guess for Mr. Bartman he should feel good that the fans were content to move on to the ball and leave him alone, atleast until Spring Training starts up. However maybe people will be on the lookout for more sausage attacks as well.

There were also many notable deaths in 2003 with none being Saddam Hussein or Osama Bin Laden. In the name of Thor there were many marriages, births and other good stuff as well.

2003 was also the year Microsoft failed to make .Net happen, but the monkeyinabox did make it happen. And just like Disney magic it didn't happen all by itself. Thanks Paris, you made my life much easier. Bring on 2004!

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