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A Wintery Mix


Mix it up Winter style

Happy New Year.

The Winter weather fun continues with the new year. New Year's Day we got another 8 or so inches of snow on top of the existing 16 inches of snow. The weather forcast isn't changing much either for a few days and then it's supposed to change to a wintery mix. What the hell is a wintery mix? Sounds like a coffee flavor to me. But then again it could be a musical flavor or a font. Whatever it is, it going to be cold and nasty. Not as cold as a witches tit but then again how cold is that? Cold. Okay. Snow is also dangerous. You can hurt your car and yourself. Recent accidents are on the rise and the city is starting to crack down on businesses who don't shovel the snow from their sidewalks. I mean what happens if you slip and break your wrist? This might help.

So what's new for 2004? Looks like in California you can no longer watch tv while driving. Bummer. New for 2004 will be Kill Bill Vol 2 and it should be good. Lawsuits in video games will continue.

Welcome to The Monkey Show, because one day monkeys will rule the world, maybe in 2004.

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