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MENSA Should Be Afraid


At another meeting of MENSA

Public Service announcement time. There really are things you shouldn't do during a viewing of Return of the King. Why? Because if you piss people off, they'll give you a Kingly beatdown. And who says movie violence doesn't impact people?

For driving saving I should print out these winter driving tips and put them on every winshield of cars with California plates or maybe send them to every Portland TV station. I saw more lame stock footage of drivers spinning their wheels and driving very poorly. Portland isn't Florida, so I would think people could figure out how to drive in snow, but atleast one car thief knew enough to slow down. Opps. Maybe not a good move.

Apple's new iPod sure got a lot of attention in the blog world the last few days. I had a hard time visting any site without reading about it either being just right or being overpriced and under powered. Of course this was said about the original iPod, and we all see how much of a failure it has been. Once the new mini gets some street cred we'll really know if it's a winner or another Cube.

This year is already having some highs with Mars photos and then we have someone suing cable tv for making them lazy and stripper-infused products aimed at young girls. Kinda makes you wonder who's winning? We need more smart people in the world, so we better start young or we'll have more kids like getting stuck in vending machines because their parents are busy reading tabloids about stupid people doing stupid things. Of course it's dope to be stupid so get funky fresh and deaf in the OH-4.

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