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Year Of The Monkey


I promise to put the dumb back in blonde this year

Yes, we've finally reached The Year Of The Monkey. The last time was back in 1992, so I better not mess around.

First up, there are only a few days left to Win a Slappa Hardbody or some fine Onion books from the classy Onion newspaper. These are both Blogstakes contests which means if you enter from here and win, so do I, so in other words, enter here and add these links to your blog and then you can let me know to enter yours as well. Free for you is good. Free for you and me is better!

How can I not endorse The Brownroots Campaign when it supports Paris Hilton? Howard Dead really isn't doing it for me yet. Go Paris Go.

There will be tough issues in the year 2004. It appears the music industry wants to wage full war on citizens.

They said they were police from the recording industry or something, and next time theyĆ­d take me away in handcuffs

I think the RIAA is hoping with enough Scare Tactics the future of MP3s on the internet will be this.

Fight the power.

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beerzie boy said:

I'm scared straight! After wetting myself, I deleted all of my illegal MP3s.