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Media Whores On Parade


Holy whoriing batman

Well CBS finally got smart with the Grammy's coming up. Why is this an issue? Because it's an all out war these days. You know, Britney and Justin split up on shaky terms. Everyone thinks it's kinda odd, and then Britneys kisses Madonna at the MTV Video Music Awards. Kinda of a up yours and look what you don't get anymore kinda thing. Justin comes back and gets revenge in the, 'look I can do better' than Britney fight. It wasn't Janet's fault, Justin was the bastard. Justin is on top now and the Grammys are coming up and Britney is going to be there. CBS probably was thinking, Britney's going to fight back and do something ultra-skanky, which she probably will find a way to do regardless, but it might just not happen at the Grammys. Bummer.

If all this pop artist bullshit is too much to handle then sit back and drink your Pepsi. Oh look you won a free download from iTunes. Thank god you can use this facelift for the corrupt industry. Don't worry if you didn't watch the ad and don't get what it's all about, I'm sure there's plenty of winning Pepsi caps in the garbage already.

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