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So Was It A Gellin Like Magellan Week For You?


Magellan or a fellon?

Seems like the big news this last week was Janet Jackson and her exposed breast. You know things in the world are as sweet as a cupcake when that's the big news. When you are sitting at home rewinding the clip over and over again on TiVO rather than paying attention to the Democrats political ambitions or words of wisdom from President Bush, then you know life is good. As long as you weren't tricking Mac users that you had put PC guts inside a G5 and then admitted it was a hoax you probably were in a good mood. My week wasn't slow enough to be that bored but if you were maybe playing some hoops with the trashcan helped keep you awake. However the people over at Microsoft should have made sure their coffee cups were full when they made this ad. Kazaa offices were awake, but some music labels thought they could catch them with their pants down during the whole Janet Jackson ordeal. I guess in general it will be just as easy to kick back this weekend, unless you are Bob Knight.

On the other hand if your week was like mine and busy as hell and you don't get to relax with your ipod since you don't have one, then all you can do is print this out, have a beer and pretend like you're chillin like a villian. Or was that gellin' like Magellan?

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Adam said:

Thanks. Right now I'm listening to my new fake ipod-mini laughing about how bad the microsoft marketing people are doing these days. Life doesn't get better than this.