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Say What?

When I saw this why was it I thought of you Brad?

Speaking of James Brown Is Dead [yeah I remember it well - Flintstone sample] I saw your quote:

I downloaded it awhile ago (for fair use as I own the single somewhere down in my basement)

During tonights Grammy Awards show, the RIAA debuted its new website to help prevent per-to-per file sharing of music.

So what's the deal with downloading music from the Internet? Everyone's talking about it - at home, at school, in chat rooms, in the media - and millions of music lovers are doing it. But a lot of people are confused. Some parents are telling their kids not to download; others think it's okay. Some downloaders are being sued by record companies, others are not. Even some of the people who create and sell music aren't sure what to think - or do - about technology and music.

Feeling confused? Wondering why Janet's breast exposure during the Super Bowl is a national travesty while some dancer during the Outkast performance in the thong grabbing and shaking their butt isn't? Well, you're not alone. Too bad the RIAA thinks you have no ability to think and do your own research. I guess that's why they keep targeting high-school students in their lawsuits. Then the kids sued can act like they didn't know what's the deal is. The truth is why think for yourself? It's hard work.
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Brad said:

Um... I am not sure why you thought of me... but mentioning the Fuck Face increased the flow to my blog by leaps and bounds...

monkeyinabox said:

Just helping the cause. That's probably the biggest thing Billy was ever known for. Pretty sad.

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