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What are you staring at punk?

A few days off from posting, but time to get back to stuff that really matters.

I could rant and rave about not having a nice new MP3 player, like an iPod, but that gets old, right? Atleast I can play all the MP3s (thanks Pepsi - what was that code again?) I want on my computer, but what about when you want to take it with you? There's always portable MP3 players, but if you want real computing power, check out this mini computer. I've got big hands and we all know what they say about big hands.... they suck at working with mini computers. It could be cool to have a watch that plays MP3s, but what would really kick ass is an fully loaded AK-47, loaded with MP3s that is. It could come in handy during those RIAA anti-piracy raids, eh?

Maybe my lack in posts lately is due to the fact I focused on Paris Hilton too long. She hasn't done anything that stupid lately, so I have to look for inspiration somewhere else. Okay, here we go, the NBA, after watching the Superbowl half-time fiasco , has decided to add a tape-delay to its games. I kinda wonder if it is to prevent future rants during interviews or if they are worried Kobe might try to grab some more action on the sidelines with his hurt finger.

Speaking of the NBA, the Blazers finally got rid of Rasheed Wallace. As a Blazer fan, the last few years have been ugly. After imploding during game 7 during the Lakers a few years ago, the Blazers have been known more for breaking the law than breaking backboards. Bonzi Wells and his bad attitude was shipped off earlier in the season. Rasheed was a player with a lot of potential, but he never got his head screwed on straight, so he was always seen as a lost cause to me. Shareef Abdur-Rahim is by far a better plater than Rasheed, so welcome aboard! I remember a few years ago hearing a great quote about him, being 'the greatest player you never heard of'. Next up on the chopping block could be Damon and his big bag of weed. If Damon has a computer at home, wanna bet he has this upgrade?

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