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There Is Such A Thing As A Free Lunch


Come get some free lunch

One of the real perks of working in an architecture office is we get a lot of reps coming through showing off updated products or introducing new ones. I'm not sure how the tradition started, but they seem to know we are busy during working hours, so they offer to do lunch presentations. Sure, if you have to listen to a spiel about something, but it usually is something interesting or relevant to work that if they didn't show it off I'd have to go look it up on the companys website, or look for blurbs in trade related magazines and it's not like it's drugs. It's not a paid lunch hour, but the receptionist here at work basically learned to tell the reps where to bring our food from. We used to get a mish mash of stuff, sometimes it was good and sometimes bad, but now, IT'S ALL GOOD BABY!.

Speaking of free lunches Yao will get one and Kobe will not, at McDonalds atleast. Maybe Kobe can advertise for Chips A'Hoy, since he likes putting his hand in the cookie jar.

Well, since I'm all full on my free lunch I'll kick back for now and run out later to Wal-Mart for some body frosting. It's all good baby!

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richard said:

cpd (continuated professional development) rule!

that's pretty much all the advantages of being an architect...uh, and free stationery