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There's A Little Triumph In All Of Us


Go ahead, say WHAT one more time!

Not that I want to come of sounding like Triumph the Comic Insult Dog during his recent tip to Canada:

You're in North America, learn the language!

Saturday night, Valentine's Day, the wife and I got to goto a neato chocolate buffet that supported a good local charity. The tickets for the event were $25 a pop, so it wasn't cheap, but it was going for a good cause. Outside the large conference room where the very tasy buffet of deserts was located there was a wine table and a large flowing chocolate fountain with fruit you could dip in and cover with the tasty chocolate. At the wine table there were two volunteers who quickly said as we entered, we have wine and champagne. 'Okay,' I said and they showed us the bottles. The wine was red wine, which I've learned to avoid like the plague ever since I found out it seems to trigger migraines. I said, 'champagne then'. The ladies replied back, 'Yes we have wine and champagne'. Okay, I already knew that. 'I'll have champagne please'. I get a blank stare back. My wife and I wait a little more and say, 'Okay, do we get it inside?', and get a blank stare back. I saw no glasses, so we went into the large room and went to the buffet.

There was delicious coffee with fresh cream and chocolate sprinkles. The buffet table had all sorts of deluxe cakes, pastries and cookies. There we servers who served coffee and water, but no alcoholic beverages. This was not really a big deal, so we went on enjoying the wonderfully delicious deserts. A little while later we saw other people with wine and thought, 'dang we don't get to drink fancy wine or champagne often', or was it 'where's the damn hooch!'? Anyway, we decided to go back out and get our glasses of bubbly. We get back out to the two ladies and ask about the champagne again. We get the same blank stares and my wife finally says, in about as blunt as you can, 'WE WANT CHAMPANGE'. Still blank stares, so she says it again. 'Oh, you want champagne', is the reply at last. Geez, I thought for a second, 'they sure know how to keep costs down by passing out as little alcohol as possible'. They pour the two glasses, hand them over and proclaim 'Ten dollars'. Well, I'll be damned.

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