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Too hot to handle

Today begins the long awaited ceiling installation in our new office. Well, actually the prep work begins for the suspended metal ceiling and light fixtures. This is good news, since we were thinking this would be happening back in October of last year, but with many delays and issues, the system is finally going up 4 months later. Probably what I'm most happy about is the fact we will finally have real lights in the main work area. With the way it is now, if everyone doesn't have there task lighting on, it gets pretty dark in here, which isn't always a bad thing when you're doing computer work, but if you have to read something on paper it's another story.

Right now the electricians are checking the wires, turning on circuits, and distracting me enough to get away from work to write this. There was a point of about 10 minutes where the lights in the office in my line of site was having the lights flicker on and off repeatedly, which I think could be used quite effectively for torture of war prisoners, but it stopped so I guess there's no reason to check out the Geneva Convention for punitive damages.

The electricians then began work on a power cable in the ceiling for the lighting system. In the trade, the term 'hot' means there's electricity going to the wire or fixture. So as they checked the wire, one guy would yell to the other, 'Is it hot'? This happened again and again until I was thinking of hot ot not. I guess it would have been a little more like that if the electricians were yelling , 'Bob, how hot am I?'. Not.

In other news... the old back and forth game with the RIAA is back in the spotlight as the RIAA is sued:

It's probably not the first time that record company executives have been likened to Al Capone, but this time a judge might have to agree or disagree.

I guess that is a silver lining of the fact that the RIAA is suing so many people, that there are a lot of lawyers trying to figure out ways to protect folks.

Wanna guess who the real winners of this really are? Yep, the lawyers. Why does that not surprise me?

If you still want free music and hate surprises, then 25 degrees may be your favorite angle.

This is an amazing, revolutionary piece of equipment that can really bring some value to humans across the globe.

The Segway? Nope. More like Viagra. Obviously it must be the greatest thing since sliced bread by all the ads on tv, in magazines, and the amount of SPAM emails I get about it. Think about it, 10 years ago, who wanted to admit they needed this stuff, but these days celebrities, politicians and your grandfather are promoting the stuff. Do a Viagra search on Google and you get 17.8 million results! President Bush gets around 6.3 million, Janet Jackson gets around 2.5 million, and Paris Hilton gets 3.4 million. If you really want to get down to basics in Google:

food = 86.3 million results.
money = 99.8 million results.
love = 116.0 million results.
sex = 250.0 million results.

Viagra is big and what does this all mean? It's time for The Viagra Prank.

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