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It's Better Than Being In A Cave With A Flashlight


Anyone see Osama?

It's Grey Tuesday today, but hey I like orange.

The ceiling in the office was wrapped up yesterday and the lights were installed as well. Before getting these lights, our office was pretty dark. We did have some side soffit lights and undershelf lights, but over the main space of my desk, where I have to look at large paper CAD drawings, was not very well lit. In the late afternoons, it really made the eyes tired. Sure, looking at the computer screen was great, and if that's all I did, I wouldn't mind being in a cave working away in the darkness.

Today, after less than 24 hours of bright light (which helps keep me alert, like the 5 cups of coffee I drink) was dimmed down. Not with a dimmer switch, mind you, but by the decision of those in the office (who none of actually work in the space under the lights) that the lights were too bright. There are four of us that sit under these lights. Out of the four, one person said turn them down. That person happens to have a task lamp. Duh! The other person would be happy working in a cave ever having to read, never turns on a light in the office near his desk and has every light fixture in his house fitted with 15 watt bulbs, or so it appeared on a visit. So, while the contractor was here, everyone who basically has doesn't sit under these lights, or doesn't want any light says, 'turn them down'. Each suspended fixture holds 6 bulbs, so 4 were pulled out of each fixture. I guess the good news is it's still brighter than being in a cave with a flashlight.

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Agatha said:

Mardi Gras puts the flash in flashlight.

monkeyinabox said:

So I've heard!