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Well after a long month of February (damn those leap years) we're now into March. I think the idea of Spring coming always seems to pump me up. Baseball is just around the corner, basketball is heading towards playoffs (or the real season, as I call it) and March Madness is here as well. This is also going to be a busy month with work, as one of my website design projects I do on the side picks up steam again. It's one of those do nothing for a long time and then do it all at once, but it is a fun project so I like the rush.

Last Saturday the wife and I checked out The Passion of the Christ. After reading Roger Ebert's review I was really getting ready for a really graphic and violent movie. I won't say that it wasn't, but maybe I've been desensitized to movie violence (wink wink Kill Bill), but I really didn't see this film as beyond the realm of a typical violent movie. It really seemed like the first Jesus movie that was brought up to current production and fight / torture / killing / death levels. Movies like Braveheart, Gladiator and Saving Private Ryan all seemed to have stories that were told before, much like The Passion of the Christ, but the movies were no longer Hollywood-ized versions. They were real, raw, and probably closer to what really happened. I think if there weren't so many rules of war that major prisoners like Saddam would probably get horrible torturous deaths, but these days major jail time or death by injection or electrocution would be the worse punishment anyone will get, rather than what I saw Jesus go through in the film.

Honestly the most shocking thing about the film, was there were no previews or commercials beforehand. If this is the result of private financed films, than bring them on!!! I will finish on the note that this film is a must see in the theater. It's really in your face on the large screen and I don't think it would provoke the same emotion on a small TV screen. The protrayal of the devil is also pretty badass and spooky.

If you don't have money to burn on the movie, then you probably don't have money to burn either. Seems like $20 bills have these rfid chips in them which makes them sort of " target="foofoo">big brother-ish in a way. I'm sure that it's all in the name of preventing counterfeiting, but I bet you didn't know the microwave is a new way to burn your money.

Oh yeah it's Tuesday, no electioneering today!!!

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