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Busy Week


Just like Barbie

The busy week just keeps on coming. Some things like cranking out a website for the upcoming March Madness tourney and having last nights marathon session of fantasy basketball's trading deadline. Other work releated stuff like my other website project on the side and projects at the office that always seem to be last minute rush jobs add to the fun. I will say that Spring always pumps me up and I can't wait for the weather to warm up so that I can start biking to work again. For now it will be another weekend of doing all the usual stuff at home, plus trying to crank out some design work in between, while also helping my dad set up a network at home and going to book club meeting after work today (egads).

Highlights in the world:

Paris Hilton helped direct her sex video.

Spongebob gets black and people are on the attack.

I just want an iPod, while others just want to dissect it.

Cat got your tongue.

Lance says Don't treat your face like your ass.

There's a reason why cookie and nookie rhyme.

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