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It Was A Tasty Burger


Mmmm Mmmmm

Last night it was time to go watch a local poetry slam, something that the wife and I used to do, but hadn't in quite some time. I think it mostly had to do with it being once a month and on Wednesday evenings, which isn't always the most convient time to remember to go listen to poetry, or whatever you want to call it at these events. They are not poerty readings in the true sense, but more of the street-wise sense of the art form. It's an open even with cash prizes and honestly I feel like I could kick some lyrical butt, if I tried.

The even was held at a local club, with a bar, dj and general dining as well. We decided to grab a bite to eat before the slam started. This was one of those places that had a lot of overpriced trendy food on the menu. In fact the waitress liked to point out, "What a deal this is, imagine what it would cost at [insert name of higher proced club here]". Wow. How generous. If I wanted to spend a lot and eat that stuff I would goto such club. I stuck with a simple burger and fries that turned out to be quite tasty, however this morning my stomach seems to tell me it wasn't such a good choice. The best sense of equating this to what a woman goes through is morning sickness after a night of tasty sex, or drinking too much and waking up with a hangover. You pay for it the next morning, but will you do it again? Sure. You're a whore for a tasty burger afterall.

The poetry slam wasn't too much to talk about. A lot of first-time readers, who make a lot of mistakes or talk in a very boring drone-ish voice. There's always the skanky girls there as well, who read something pretty lame, but rub themselves and gyrate as they moan and gasp their work of art. They always make it to the final round too. BUt no matter how crappy of readers they are, they still had enough guts to get up there and read something. Hopefully writing this will remind me to try and write some witty stuff down and make it to the next event. Worst case, I could always get another tasty burger.

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Jake said:

Mmmmm....burgers....I think I'm going to Pilot Butte for dinner.