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Nothing tops off a extremely busy work week like getting sick. First getting sick with some sort of stomach posioning (even though the wife doesn't believe it) and then getting a nasty head cold directly after my stomach heals. I could tell on Friday that something was not right and that evening I knew it when I feel asleep around 10:00pm on a Friday night. I usually don't get to sleep until around midnight on work nights. of course that could be part of the problem, but as it went this weekend I found myself taking mass quantities of cold medicine while trying to get projects wrapped up. On Saturday I found myself falling asleep around 4:30pm for a 2-hour nap. That's something I also never do: nap. Of course that was after getting a new clothes dryer and moving the old one out of the house and putting the new one in and then going out for a late lunch and having a beer. I did wake up and stay up until 11:30, but I felt much more wiped out than normal. Sunday I took it a little more easy, but still had half the energy in the evening hours, but I still was able to finish up some work on the computer I needed to do. I was thinking of satying home from work this morning, but I actually felt a bit better.

At work today we found out that one of the other intern architects is leaving to go work at a different firm. With a small office it's always a big deal when someone leaves or someone new comes in. As it stands with our current project loads it means that everyone's work load is going to increase while the new person is transitioned into the office. I also get bombarded with more questions on how to do stuff in the office as well, so when someone new comes in that seems to double as well. Let's just say I hope my cold doesn't linger on for more than a few weeks.

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