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Saturday night at the movies can always be a risky venture, with the crowds and new releases being full. Yesterday we really didn't plan on going to the movies, but quickly scanned what was out and nothing really caught my attention. I have been watching Ebert & Roper every week, so I remembered some good movies I wanted to see, but honestly didn't remember the titles. After reading the brief synopses in the paper, I realized there were a couple of films that I really wanted to see. Kind of funny how the first impression was of not seeing anything good turned itself around quickly.

I think the film we picked, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind was the same way. My first impression was "Jim Carrey in a serious role, blah!” I had a similar experience with Adam Sandler. His movies in general were nothing I wanted to see, unless, well, actually, I just flat out didn't want to watch any of them. Then came Punch Drunk Love which frankly blew me away. I had zero expectations of Sandler doing anything but his normal screwball acting, and when he put out a performance like he did, I changed my opinion of him drastically. With Jim Carrey, it wasn't that bad. I honestly liked his comedic films: Ace Ventura, Dumb & Dumber, and recently Bruce Almighty. I skipped over some of his truly lame looking films and also missed his previous more serious roles: The Truman Show. I simply had Carrey pegged as someone who was best in the role of someone goofy, and not serious.

When I first saw the preview of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I was instantly intrigued by what I saw. Sure there was Jim Carrey in the film, but that wasn't the Jim Carrey I knew and I had mixed feelings about him in this role. When the film starts up, I instantly saw that this was going to be a much different role for Jim. The film starts up showing something that appears to be an interesting story, but after about 20 minutes you see that what you were seeing wasn't really what was happening.

The films title Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind really does sum up the plot quick well. What would life be like if you could wipe the slate with all the bad memories and experiences you've had? In essence, clean away all the bad stuff and leave only the happy thoughts. Sounds like a good idea and the film shows that this is somehow possible though some very odd and non-typical medical procedures at Lacuna Inc.. Being this was a film written by Charlie Kaufman, who also wrote Adaptation and Being John Malkovich will tell you that what you think is going on, often isn't the case. Truly the film combines the bizarre and twisted, into the beautiful and tragic. There is humor and romance, but there is also the sad decay of love and a relationship, and the desire to remove all the pain and misery, but then also the desire not to forget all the memories that really are special. I think many people if offered the chance to do this, would jump at the option, but I think like in the film, with deeper thought doing that isn't always the best thing.

Technically speaking, the procedure is brain damage.

Something else that intrigued me was the concept that if you could erase the memories of someone, would you simply repeat it again. Kind of like the quote, "Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it". So how can you learn from past mistakes and not repeat them if you erase them from your memory? In the film, Joel Barish and Clementine Kruczynski show this is truly the case. It's sad and hard to watch as it unfolds, but really gets into the back of your mind and questions how the theoretical problems of messing with the past or future and how if you want to change destiny, in the end you really can't.

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stacy said:

I've had my heart broken. I'm sure we all have. Or at least we thought it was broken whenever whatever happened. I wonder how many of us would choose to clear our minds of certain memories?

Because I think in the heat of the moment, I would. But now, no, I wouldn't.

I'm eager to see this movie, I think.