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Learning Japanese Isn't The Hardest Thing In Life


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Monday evening I finally watched the film Lost In Translation starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson and written and directed by Sofia Coppola. I loved Roger Ebert's review of this movie:

Funny, how your spouse doesn't understand the bittersweet transience of life as well as a stranger encountered in a hotel bar. Especially if drinking is involved.

Both Murray and Johansson's roles as Bob and Charlotte show they both live a life that doesn't exactly thrill them. Bob is an American actor who basically sells out in Japan and besides just being a great distance apart from his wife is emotionally detached as well. You can easily see his lackluster enthusiasm while doing the work that really is the only reason he's there, besides the two million dollars he's being paid to do them. Charlotte is with her fairly new husband who works a lot and leaves her behind in a hotel room she tries to convert into some sort of a home. She sits on the window ledge and just stares out into the cityscape below. Truly showing you can be in a city of so many and feel so alone.

Of course in the movie the characters meet and innocently flirt with each other. There really isn't a lot of romance, expect for how brutally honest they are with each other discussing struggles in life and ultimately showing how bad they can sing in karaoke. It truly is a struggle to watch these hopeless characters and see how they have no reason not to fall in love. However, having the typical sporadic romance isn't given to us, rather will see Bob commit adultery in other forms and the relationship between Bob in Charlotte is purely mental intimacy.

In the end the go their separate paths and Bob whispers something in Charlotte's ear, and we are only left guessing what he said. It kinda feels like there really are no answers to problems like these in life and Sofia Coppola isn't going to give you any either.

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