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Nothing Is More Motivating Than The Last Minute


Motivation made simple

Today was one of those days where I wish I had stayed in bed. Maybe I shouldn't have gone to work or checked my email. Yeah, one of those kind of days. Nothing like the email in the morning asking if we were on track for a project getting reviewed by a design review committee. I knew nothing about this and neither did the project architect. So I called up the DRC at 11:00am to find out about the submittal date. Oh good, 1 hour from when I called. From there it turned into a compromise with the committee and a mad dash to crank out as much work as possible. I guess it ended fine and we made the deadline, but damnit, how about some more advance notice next time?

This week has also been hell on a project that we did a fine job on, but the owner decided to spice things up by changing stuff left and right. Okay, those sort of things happen and that's okay. What was not okay was the framer on the project doing whatever the hell he wanted with key structural members! We weren't hired to do construction administration on this project, but if there ever was a reason to have it, this was it. The framer was fired, but the house is so messed up the new framer is riping down and redoing a lot. It's really scary that if a few more people had looked the other way, this would have been a classic lawsuit project. Is it Friday yet?

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