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Wonder Leg Powers Activate


Wow, these gloves are cool!

My return to biking to work has begun once again. Actually I did a test ride two-weeks ago and it went well, but it was a bit on the cold side and I wimped out for the rest of the week and the following week (which was even colder and the start of Daylight Saving Time). Now that the mornings are closer to 40 degrees (F) out, I made the ride once again this morning. The first few weeks are always the toughest, when I can feel my legs on fire at every hill. The last few years however I have stayed in better shape and the first few rides haven't caused me to pass out at 9pm on the couch, like they did a few years back. My commute has changed every year, even though my place of work has not. The various construction projects and road & bridge construction has been moving so fast that every year is a vastly different route.

I used to love the fact that 50% of my ride was on dirt trails and that number has been decreasing on a yearly basis to this year where it's reached as low as it can go at 0%. With this trend I've been moving my tires on my mountain bike to more street friendly tread. It also makes me glad I don't have any suspension on my bike either. With this combination it makes it a little easier until my wonder legs truly activate.

You're Fired seems to be the big catch phrase these days on somewhat reality tv. I'm not sure if that phase has taken over for 'the tribe has spoken', but it probably is close. I think I would get a real kick if on the final episode of The Apprentice everyone would turn to Donald Trump and say you're fired. It would be a little more real. But a little fake in our reality tv is a good thing, even if reality is less real and more scripted, but hey IT'S REAL!

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