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A Tiny Phone In Your Hand Makes All The Difference


Bigger is better

Wireless phones can be damn annoying, especially when that type of person is also a loud-talker, hand-waver and a Fran Dresher laugher . With phones also being very tiny it's very easy to not always see the phone when someone is out in public talking in a loud voice, waving their arms in the air and acting just short of clinically insane. I think if I was clinically insane, I'd just make sure I carried my cell phone with me all the time. Just make sure you laugh every now and then and utter phrases like "really?" or "he didn't do that?" or "can you believe what happened on Fear Factor?".

Last night I was able to watch The Matrix: Revolutions again on DVD. When you don't have the volume up real loud the action scenes lose some of their impact, but I think I liked the story a little more the second time around. What? You say, there was a story? Perhaps, but if I tell you I'll have to kill you.

DVDs are the best thing since sliced bread, right? If you get a robust one like any of the extended edition Lord of the Rings ones, you get hours upon hours of extra stuff, behind the scenes footage and all sorts of goodies. That is all gravy as far as I'm concerned. The thing that really burns me though is the damn menu pages that have clips from the movie in them. Probably what pushed me over the edge was when I popped in The Matrix: Revolutions DVD last night the first thing you see if a quick blast of the whole movie before the damn menu pops up to let you actually watch the movie! Granted most people have already scene the movie, but if you haven't I can't imagine how seeing all the good scenes quickly enhances the experience. I always get the feeling with these video laden menus that they do it, simply because they can, or it's a lazy copout that they have to make it flashy and cool. Surely the studio could pop in some new footage or something that isn't crucial to the plot for these menu elements? I can't believe I'm the only one to hate these animated menus, but I'm not expecting them to go away any time soon.

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Brad said:

being a speed freak (speed as in getting things done quickly) i hate sitting through the warmup crap. What bugs me is they have started putting previews on the DVDs before the menu screen comes up... What is up with that?

monkeyinabox said:

I know, those forced previews suck. Atleast you can fast foward through them much faster with a DVD player.