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Milk, it does the wallet good

Well it's official: I wish I could run my car on milk instead of gasoline. Yesterday I bought milk for $1.99 a gallon and regular unleaded gasoline for $2.03 a gallon. That's the first time I have ever paid more than $2 a gallon for gas. It's funny because I can say:

I remember when gasoline cost 99 cents a gallon.

Oh wait a second, that was less than 5 years ago. So why is this happening? Of course we don't have high prices like Europe, but that's not really the point. Less than 5 years ago gas was the cheapest I can ever remember it being. The gasoline industry knows people will continue to drive no matter if the price keeps going up. There are ways to save money, but not everyone has access to public transportation or can buy a new car. I do think it's hillarious that the automotive industry puts out stuff like the Hummer 2 and other large gas-guzzling SUVs when gas prices are this high. With a 32 gallon tank and gas at $2+ a gallon, you're going to be paying around $70 everytime you fill up. I guess this is a shock to me, since I rarely paid more than $25 to fill up the tank on any of my cars. Back when gas was 99 cents a gallon, I could fill up for about $13. The sad trend is that soon this won't be a hike anymore, just the norm.

With all my bitching about gas prices, it would be nice to say 'HA HA I biked to work today', but Mother Nature is in on the gas price conspiracy and it snowed again last night.

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