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A Messy Desk Is The Sign Of Genius


Looking pretty smart!

I'm not a slob or anything, but I tend to have a pretty cluttered or messy desk at work. For that matter, my desktops on my computers is equally messy. Why is this you ask? Well, I tend to think that I have a lot of stuff on my desk, because frankly, I do a lot of stuff and have a lot of things to keep track of. I find it's very easy to not be organized like I should. The problem is when you get overwhelmed with stuff it's easy to set it aside for the moment. What happens then is the dreaded piles dilemma. Normally this isn't a big deal at work. We all have desk full of paper because we deal with lot's of printed work. I also have a lot of other stuff, usually computer related (software, hardware, etc...) as well.

This is now an issue, because in one-week our office is holding an Open House with the local Chamber of Commence. My desk is pretty well concealed in the corner, but when 150 people will be walking around the office, that will not be the case. I started the cleanup battle today and I think I'll have it looking good by the event, but I'm going to try and push myself into better desk management on a day to day level. I've found the philosophy of file, take action, or toss works well, but you have to be disciplined and stick with it. I've gotten pretty good at doing this with email. My inbox used to have thousands of messages, but now only has about 50.

If I really do get my act together I'll have to think of a new slogan besides 'a messy desk is a sign of genius'.

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MojoMark said:

My old boss was a "messy desk person" and had a sign on it that went something like this:

"If a cluttered desk says the owner has a cluttered mind, what does an empty desk say?"