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Okay, This Isn't Getting Any Better


Your Fired!  Oh wait did I even really hire you yet?

You know something is wrong when a game show has better hiring practices than the office you work at.

With turnover rates higher than McDonalds, our office is not finding an easy solution to this problem. But what happens, when the problem is other businesses fighting dirty? Previously I wrote (Gee, was that only one month ago?) about one of our employees leaving to go work at another firm in town. Not really a huge deal, because honestly he got cornered into doing fairly repetitive work that didn't seem to have a light at the end of the tunnel. Two-weeks after he left we hired a young woman to replace him. She has been here two weeks as of yesterday and today the boss sends out an email telling that her last day will be in less than a week. There was another statement in the email as well:

I must say that I am not only concerned about the work flow disruption associated with ####'s departure, but on the surface this suggests something about moral principles which is disturbing.

The word seems to be that she had looked around for work before being hired by us. After being hired by us, one of the other firms contacts he again and steals her from under us. Is it really stealing if they made her a better offer? Maybe not, but I wouldn't count on a good reference when you are hired and then quit within three weeks. If there are problems, then that's a different matter, but in this case there were none. You get a real feeling of bitterness when you feel like you've wasted your time to help train a new employee who basically is packing their suitcase at the same time. Atleast I won't have to say 'bless you' as much.

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