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If I Can't Solve My Own Problems, Does Anyone Know The Number For The A-Team?


Pity the fool who don't drool

So far this week I'm 4 for 4 with riding my bike to work. Unless for a freak of nature of I get deathly ill tonight, I should be able to make it everyday this week riding the bicycle. I'm pretty happy because last year at this time I hadn't even put air in my tires. During the off-season I made it a point to gather up some more cold-weather riding gear. One item I got was a skull cap. Not this, but this. Helps keep the sweat out of your eyes and also keeps the noggin warm. Another item that I really wanted was cycling tights. Sure, I might look closer to Spider Man, but they make a big difference in keeping your knees from freezing when it's a bit nippy out. With my baklava that I've had for years and some nice cotton hunting gloves I picked up at Wal-Mart for real cheap (to go over my cycling gloves), I'm good to go when it's not quite Summer weather yet.

One of the biggest pet peeves of riding your bike on streets that automobiles also use, is that some drivers are bad. Some drivers are jerks. Some drivers are worse than Al Queda terrorists. One situation that always burns me is when someone drives real fast to pass you up and then makes a right turn and cuts you off. ERRRRRR!!! So far this year that hasn't happened yet. The thing that has happened a few times is a car driving by on the left, someone (usually a passenger) will yell, grunt, or whatever loudly out the window behind me. I've gotten better about ignoring it, but it's your natural reflex when a loud sound happens behind you to react. I usually figure that if it's a car out of control and I'm about to die that looking won't help much. So far none of these have been hot chicks yelling 'nice legs' or even 'sexy tights'.

So, when there is a problem, there is always a solution. One issue is that usually after this happens they are driving fast enough away and there is no stoplight or intersection close enough for me to catch up. But, mark my words (or type), that when I do this will be my revenge.

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