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Is Microsoft paranoid or what? After the question came up about patching pirated copies of Windows XP, I thought it was a bit ballsy of for people running the pirated OS to expect software patches, but Bill Gates and Co. made it official. So why the change? The obvious move has to be with all the rampant viruses and worms all targeted at computers running Windows, Microsoft had enough headaches of fixing legitimit systems, so why not just patch everything under the sun and hope the problems go away? In reality all the worm and virus writers are just going to keep cranking them out, as long as the capture rate of these scoundrels is low. The incentives to do damage and steal info can be high and the risk is relatively low.

[update] Not the case with pirated Windows.

Seems like the big news in the world of blogs yesterday was the relaunch of I started my site on Blogger and thought it was pretty slick. For a new user it's certainly easier than setting up Movable Type, but always felt a bit under powered and too basic for what I wanted. Things seem to be changing, and with Google backing up Blogger, there's really no limit to how good it will get. Normally the relaunch of Blogger probably wouldn't grab my attention as much as it did when I saw the impressive team of web designers off up free template designs. Brad, for the love of God use one of those new delicious looking templates!

[update] - [Blog Goes Here] now looks good! The old design had a clean look but the text formatting benefits of css of nice n' purty in the new design. I know it's new and fresh and being worked on, but Brad you need an email link and does anyone really need full access to your archives on the main page? Kill some of those and put those links back on. I need all the links I can get.

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