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The Day After What Could Have Been, But Wasn't Because Of Previous Engagements


Planning is everything

Yesterday was the local blog meetup day, but I had previous engagements at the country club. Caviar anyone? Okay, it wasn't like that, but I did have a presentation to attend. Oh well, it's not like it was International Bog Meetup Day yet (c'mon people let's get these things right!). I'm not sure why these things strike me as odd, but having a blog really is just having a website, right? Before it was called a blog, these frequent updates were called 'news' or 'current info' or whatever. Blogs can be useful, entertaining, funny, informative, or pointless. There really is no rule, but usually the newest entry is at the top and people can post comments. Okay, maybe the comment thing is kinda new, but really the big deal is writing, and damnit, there's so much writing going on with all these blogs. Is anything important really being said? Sure, but a lot of it is pretty trivial. But all in all, it's just a website.

I don't feel to new to the whole website thing either. I put up my first site back in 1995. Geez, too bad I didn't have a strong enough theme to warrant a domain name back then. Oh, something like, damn who knew? But the point is I had a site back then and so did other people. I don't remember any meet ups because of having the site. There were get togethers for usenet groups (music fans mostly) or computer user groups. But meeting just because you have a site? I don't know about that. I guess the idea of making friends through your blog makes sense, so why the hell not? It's not like we'd be meeting to take the Netzero highspeed internet challenge.

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Jesse Thompson said:

Hey now, don't be for razzing us just because you have a, um, er.. a life :]

Jon said:

Yeah, blog==website, mostly. I think the big differences are the technology behind it (dynamic content management, which very few of us had back in 95), and the comments/user interaction.

Hmmm... blogs are kind of like the IRC of the 21st century (never mind that IRC is still alive and strong... never mind, I said!)-- did you ever meet up with people you met on IRC? Same deal-- we're just looking to meet people! :)