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The Search For Donuts Of Mass Destruction


The search is on

While it might trendy to tackle other political issue, I think it's about time women in skirts were protected from the bastardly evil of the shoe camera industry. Of course if you get caught you could always claim you were searching for Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Speaking of powdery white substances that make some people cringe with fear, other people such as myself smile with glee especially when we see them covering something as simple as a donut. Ah, yes, powdered donuts. They are a weakness of mine that occasionally I need to indulge. This week I picked up a small box of these. Nothing special and nothing really that good. I mean, I'm sure as hell not going to feel guilty for eat a Krispy Kreme, but cheap boxed donuts are about the same as slipping down to McDonalds for a cheeseburger. So, I had this box of donuts which I had rationed out for the week. Today I knew I had two donuts left. This morning when I got to work I dived into these for my I'm not a breakfast person fix. I ate the first one up, guiltily enjoying it and then got something to drink. When I went for the second donut I saw small traces of mold on it. Oh crap! Did I just eat a moldy donut? Then again would eating a small bit of mold really be any less healthy than the donut? I probably should have more important things to be worrying about right now.

Not filling up my inbox on my Yahoo mail account will soon be one thing less for me to worry about. With Google's Gmail coming soon, other free web-based email services will start scrambling. Yahoo looks to be the first with announcing upgrades to 100mb for free accounts. I've used my Yahoo account for the last six years and it works for what I want it to work for. However I never started my email policy of reply, delete of file on that account, so I've had my inbox usually sitting at 90% full for the last few years. It's no big deal to me, since I don't use that account for too much. I currently have 6mb of storage (default is now 4mb) and going to 100mb is going to be more than plenty. Of course, if I know myself, I'll find a way to fill it.

Reminding myself of full things, I think my clothes dresser at home has a t-shirt drawer that always bulges at the seams (if there were seems). Maybe a new way of folding my shirts is in order. Couldn't hurt.

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'Twas the pride of the peaches, hunh?
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