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Dog Gone It!


Who's that doggie in the window

In this world there are dog people and there are cat people (heh heh). But it doesn't stop there because there are also the extremes. The Dog Lovers Who Need Bookshops and Crazy Cat Ladies who have hundreds of cats. I am neither of these, but I do prefer cats over dogs. Why? I find cats to not be high maintenance pets that jump up on you, slobber on you, bark at you, or poop all over your lawn. Dogs are more like 2-year old kids. Really. If you have kids, why have a dog too?

Of course there are many people disagreeing with this, and so that's why there are many dog owners in the world. Even with the resistance from my wife and daughter, I hope to never become one.

'Dad can I have a dog?'

'Yes, when you move into your own house'.

Dogs basically piss me off. I guess it could be blamed on the owners who fail to train them, but a cat doesn't require training to generally stay out of the way. Last New Years Eve I went to a party where the host had her two big dogs roaming around the party. It drove me crazy with the big dogs bumping into people, sniffing people, and eventually eating food off the snack table. The same goes when someone comes over to my house. You might be welcome, but keep your dog at home! For some people this doesn't seem to be common sense (of course common sense doesn't even seem to be very common at all these days) to keep your dog at home. This is why some outdoor events and parks ban dogs. They are messy and irritate some people. I'm sure dog lovers would turn over in their graves hearing this.

Last week the boss went on vacation and the office assistant at work is baby-sitting their dog. She felt the need to bring the dog into the office and keep him there during the day. Great. My first thought was stay away from me and I'll try to smile. The total irony of this is the one person in our office who is the most anti-social (God forbid you ever say good morning to this person) is the biggest dog lover of everyone in the office. He will play with the dog and talk to it. Forget people, but dogs are his friends. This simply strengthens my belief that I will never be a dog person, and for that I say GOOD!

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