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Truly Inside The Box


I didn't know I was thinking in here

Stuck inside that box, are we? That must be the case, because it's here today with no plans of going away tomorrow. Yes, that familiar, but cliched statement:

Thinking Outside The Box

Like the sound of fingernails scraping slowly on a chalkboard, this phrase always causes me to wince. I guess it could be worse if it was Let's think outside the box and get on the information superhighway. That would probably be the only way to actually make that statement more irritating. Are we really inside some sort of box that we need to get out of? Oh, I know the irony of my site's name, but really have you been inside that simple-mindset idea crushing, inspiration stifling box that we need to get out of?

I guess I normally don't get all worked up about this statement, but today we had a lunchtime presentation at work. Ahhh, the free lunch with good information on green products. If there's anything that's trendy these days, it's green this or green that, but these products really were nothing new. Most Earth friendly products come out of Europe, where they figured out how to build without screwing up the eco-system and using synthetic products to the point of people becoming ill. People who really wanted a more healthy lifestyle pushed to bring these products to the USA. These products, whether they are wall systems such as E-Crete, better cabinet material like Wheatboard, or just using real wood and less plastics are not only a good choice for a healithier house, but they are also now the trendy thing to do as well. I really don't think using these products is thinking outside the box as much as it is not having to use something that is cheaper, faster and sythentic as hell.

When both reps used the phrase thinking outside the box I had to laugh. Well, of course I didn't laugh out loud, but please, isn't this phrase used up enough to the point of absurdity?

On a non-related note, apparently, being a no-talent bimbo is a hard job especially when you are also the devil.

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