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The Cure For Cancer?


the cure for what?

Truly in the age of the internet it's easy to be a nobody and be bigger than Jesus. The internet has also let people make lot's of money selling and buying stuff, without even having to get off your butt. Some business' haven't reaped all the benefits yet, but it's really only a matter of time before you'll be buying your car, house, clothes, food and entertainment online. Seriously, since a lot of this is already being done, there are only a few more pieces to fall into place before it becomes the norm. Can you really imagine life these days without the internet?

This is how a lot of people are thinking and that's why people without internet access have no clue what they are missing and government is understanding that too. If people can't even be unconnected on an airplane, McDonalds or Starbucks then why should some less fortunate people have no access at all? Is there a hidden agenda behind the notion to give everyone internet access, or are people just trying to do the right thing?

Surely there have to be more important things to worry about like health care and the price of gasoline. What would you rather do, pay less for gas with no internet access in your life, or not? What about cheaper medications? Can we have it all? Obviously not at this point, but I have to wonder about why giving internet access to everyone is so important. I guess it might give the RIAA more people to sue.

Since these questions are beyond being answered right now, it's best to move onto something easier like curing bad hair days. I feel much better now.

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