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#200 - How To Turn A 3-Day Weekend Into 4+ Days


I won

The answer to the title is to a) skip work, b) die, or c) be sick all weekend long! Yes, being sick all during a 3-day weekend is sure a fun thing to do alright.

Friday started out pretty good with winning the super-fun contest from Dear God Damn Diary with 10 out of 10, thank you very much. The goods arrived today and I'm starting to hear voices already, "wahh wah wahh wahhhh".

I did get to watch some more movies at least, and i'll do those soon enough. The Nyquil calls to me and for right now I'll finish with a quote from one:

Because you can't trick-or-trick with drug addicts or transvestites

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Jesse Thompson said:

I sprained my ankle on Sunday, still had to go to work. :)

Brad said:

How in the hell did you get number 5 and 10????

damn you're good. (notice the correct use of you're rather than the your which is often typed by today's illiterates)

monkeyinabox said:

#10 was easy. I've had the Peaches CD for quite some time and I instantly recognized it when it was in Lost In Translation. The Falco tune was a little hard, but with Google I can find out just about anything. I think I blasted off my winning email entry 10-15 minutes after the contest was posted.