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Is Technology Really Making Life Better?


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Technology drives life, or atleast the life I live. I have 5 e-mail accounts that I use, read many websites daily for information and entertainment, have a cell phone or a landline phone always within reach. The radio is always on at work, and if I want to escape I can listen to music from headphones. With email there comes real messages, but also a barrage of spam, so much infact that I have to spend time every day dealing with it. Everytime the damn new mail icon shows up, I usually think, 'oh great, spam to delete'. There's simply so much information and advertising being shoved in your face, that you have to ask, 'is this what I want?'.

It's not all bad, but it's clearly time to get rid of stuff that makes life less fun:

SPAM This has become such a hassle and time waster that something really has to be done. It shouldn't be up the user to have to declare email bankruptcy or purchase mutiple spam blocking software. It's only going to get worse unless there are serious rules and consequences. Has the CAN-SPAM Act of 2003 really done anything to help? I feel like I get more spam than Barry Bonds gets requests for autographed baseball cards. Atleast he has an staff to load them into the autopen and move on. It's not like he opens the envelope and a salesman jumps out pimping Viagra.

Email is clearly the black sheep in my life right now. The gold at the end of the rainbow right now has to be XML syndicated content for websites. The big news in this department lately has been Google deciding whether to get involved in RSS. Since I started using a feed reader for RSS feeds on sites, life has improved, much like the chances of Detroit beating the Lakers. With the vast amount of websites out there to read, RSS is simply smart reading. Since the Wall Street Journal has stopped showing up in the men's bathroom I need all the smart reading I can do.

RSS readers basically allow speed reading of websites. I've learned to do this with magazines, where I can pick one up and blast through it, reading only what I'm interested in and passing over the other stuff I'm not interested in. RSS feeds have become very important to me and if your site doesn't have one, I probably won't read it as much, if at all until my spam problem has a fix.

If you feel like you simply don't have enough technology in your life, then upgrade the fridge. Okay, maybe not such a good idea.

Ask the music industry if they like technology? What was that the sound of them running and screaming away? Technology has it's place and I bet the RIAA wishes they had never heard of the MP3. If they would learn to face their fears maybe something good would happen, instead of lawsuits. Of course what is that, you might ask? I have no clue, because it's easier to leave the hard stuff to someone else.

Going wireless these days? Honestly for me, I'm always close enough to network cables that it's not really necessary at home or work. I still can't imagine the desire to check email or anything at McDonalds. I think when this is really necessary then, my friend, technology has taken over your life. Let me go check my 5 email accounts and my 2 voicemail accounts and..... Oh nevermind, go wireless baby! [damn they like orange more than I do!]

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kaibutsu said:

Myself, I've never been a big fan of the clock, always telling me I have to be somewhere. Utter bullocks that no-one had to put up with before the 16th century. (Or at least on cloudy days...)

The phone, and especially its wireless offspring is also a bane. Now people can call me up to say that, despite wanting to see me at point X and time Y (thanks, clock!), NOW they would rather see me at point Z and time W. Bleh! Out with all of these infernal machines!