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Last Thursday my best friend from high school (and earlier) turned 30 years old. I haven't yet reached that age yet and it seems like now that I'm closer, turning 30 doesn't seem old at all. I remember back in high-school thinking 40 seemed really old. I guess it's all in perspective. Of course this last weekend I went exploring around my old elementary school with my daughter. She just finished up second-grade, so it was pretty neat showing her the building where I went for second grade. The playground was a little different. Back in the day, the best thing to play on was the steel merry-go-rounds. I think they have all been removed, since someone figured out that kids flying off and landing on blacktop wasn't a good idea. Go figure.

After reading Living Vicariously, it does make you stop and think about what the hell you are doing. Am I behaving old, before I really am old? What should I be doing that I am missing out on? Every year, I've been working harder at doing stuff and not thinking, 'boy I wish I had.....', or 'someday I'll go do that'. When's the next season of Survivor anyway?

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Jesse Thompson said:

The last time I went back and checked out my old elementery school, everything had somehow got too small. The hallways were cramped and I had to lean sideways to pass by stairwells without hitting my head on the ceiling. This was ten years ago mind you, when I was only gone from those halls by about 5 years. Now I'm 90% of thirty, and much farther away from my goals of global conuest than I was in 6th grade.