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Like Winning The Lottery


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Today my Yahoo mail account got the 100mb free upgrade. My email management techniques on that account have not been very good. I was always on the verge of being over quota. I would see the 95% of account full message every day. I started to clean house, but it wasn't really a crucial email account, so I let it slide. Today my account got the boost up to 100mb of storage and now I'm using 5% of available resources. It's almost like winning the lottery. You go from having nothing, to having too much overnight.

It seems like Google's gmail is all the rage, and people really want an account. If my Yahoo account had gone up to 1000mb instead of 100mb, I'd only be using 1/2 of a percent of my storage allotment. Google is right in saying you would never really have to delete anything. I was asked why I saved old emails and the reason is if you don't have to delete them, should you? It's kind of interesting to look back and see what was said, and since the email was on my work account, I have made it a practice of archiving everything I've sent and received that's related to work. I don't save every email. I follow my method of reply, file or delete and it keeps my inbox almost empty and important emails filed away where they should be.

What's interesting is I've been doing this over the last 6 years. My email account also gets several large email digests from listservers and I'm using about 270mb of storage space. With Google's 1000mb of space I could do this for over 20 years before I ran out of space. That's pretty impressive.

Speaking of saving stuff, you might have saved too much when you have to have a massive ebay auction to sell of all your old computers and gaming machines. You shouldn't feel bad if you've just got a few things ticked away in the garage or closet, but this guy clearly went overboard. Damn, too bad it's local pickup only, or maybe that's a good thing. My garage is full enough already.

So just how long will that bootleg Britney Spears CD you burned going to last? 100 years? 60 years? The length of her career? It's hard to say, even if you treat it like gold and never play it (which might be a good idea afterall). This article has some good info on CD longevity and about what you are buying and what you are getting. If you are using CDRs for archiving files, this is a good read.

Here's some more good stuff to read, especially if your into getting free food at the hotel mini-bar.

Hey, it's 2004! 'Cut and Paste' Is Out, 'Pick and Drop' Is In. So, get with the plan already. Hmmm, kinda sounds like that 'Drag and Drop' thing Apple started using back in the day. Oh well, picking and dragging are different. It doesn't sound so bad to drag your nose, or does it?

It's super Tuesday. Go get your new Beastie Boys cd, To The 5 Boroughs. It's well worth cha-cha-checking out.

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