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I Am Such A Whore For Free Stuff


Holy crap Batman

I am the monkeyinabox and I am a free stuff whore. There, I said it. Here I was, doing my regular check of RSS feeds from sites I read. Contest pops up and damn, if there's a contest for something to be won, I'm going to win it. Paul Davidson's Words For My Enjoyment offered up a puzzling as hell treasure hunt. I've learned that it's pretty easy to win a lot of contests and games with the internet, but one about stuff on the internet was a little harder, but in the end, and after too many guesses and spending way too much time on it, I can say I came away victorious.

This is not my first win, no no no. I am a contest junkie these days. CDs, books, gift certificates, tickets, a BBQ grill - you name it. On one of the local radio stations we listen to at work, I quickly found out, if you have to listen, you might as well win some stuff while you're at it. Hell, free is good and free stuff that's worth winning is even better. So for tonight I'll chalk up another win and my eyes will be open for the next prize. The eyes are on the prize, my friend.

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