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Really? Stuff That's Either A Bad Idea, A Crazy Idea, Or Something You'd Never Think Would Happen



First off, didn't anyone watch Terminator 3:Rise Of The Machines? I can't imagine why this scares me a bit. What even scares me a little more is the thought of George W, with a little red button labled SkyNet that he thinks about pushing every day when Michael Moore's new film, Fahrenheit 9/11 pisses him off. Be afraid.

Also on the, boy is that real?, line, Dell, makers of the finest personal computers on the planet (right Brad?) offer you a chance to trade in your iPod for a Dell device. It's like trading your Mercedes for a Ford. So, when did Precious Roy start working for Dell?

Also on that holy crap theme, if you watched Jeopardy or The Ken Jennings Show as they call it these days, you gotta be impressed. 20-day champ and it never even looks like a contest anymore. It's like Barry Bonds at bat. Barry gets a walk. Alex Trebec should just walk over at the beginning of the next game and hand Ken a check for $40,000 and say, 'see you tomorrow'. When I watch the show now, it's to see if someone can beat him, which doesn't look very likely with a typical show. He could be the first television game show / reality winner to get to $1-million without making an ass out of himself. Bravo.

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