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Let's Not Recall The 80's So Fondly



Retro this. Retro that. How I'd like to smash it all to pieces with my retro baseball bat. Okay, maybe I won't go that far, but were the 1980's really that great? It's easy to see a lot of retro clothes, video games, and music come back with a faint smirk of happiness, thinking 'oh, the good ol' 1980's'. The simple times, as fashion was reverting from the flash of the 70's to something more business friendly. The Adidas stripes were funky fresh and the Atari 2600 provided a new level of video gaming at home that Pong just couldn't deliver on. Computers were expensive and couldn't really do much, beyond playing games. So, why all the fond memories of the 1980's?

Here's an example of retro gone bad. Take something new and cool and retro it to lameness. The 1980's had Lee Press On Nails, and now we have this. Proving retro and modern are both lame. Bad example. Retro gaming is the hot poop right now for video game makers. These video games in the 80's were good because, well because there was nothing else better out there. Arcades were hot shit back then. You couldn't play anything at home near as good (which these days is unthinkable). You had to go down to one of the many arcades for a good time. Probably the best memories were arcades that actually gave more than 4 tokens for a dollar. These days with PS2, Xbox, Game Cube, and so on, is it really even necessary to go to an arcade? When the first Nintendo came out, most arcade owners probably crapped their pants. It's been downhill ever since (for them).

Music is debatable. I'd say that mainstream music was better in the 80's than today, but it's all subjective. Things were definitely more simple. Who really had a pager or a cell phone in the 1980's? No one I knew. There was no caller ID, *69, or voicemail. I don't think we had an answering machine until almost the 1990's. Rotary phones were still common. Sure you could attach a long ass cord to the phone to take it into the next room, but cordless phones weren't really useable until much later. Hell, the phone on my desk at work has a cord. Probably could call it retro if I wanted.

The thing is even if you wanted to forget the 80's there's too many people helping you remember. It's okay to recall them, but do you really feel the need to go back?

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Jesse Thompson said:

Jesse Thompson, author of internet weblong "Bring Back the 80's" has this to say:


I'ma counterblog you, that's what I'll do. :)
I decided that since my reply got so long it should just be a blog entry.

pril said:

the 80s were, fashion-wise, the beginning of the all thats old is new again thing. The early 80s we had stuff that looked suspiciously 40s, and then it moved into the 50s with the black and pink and the rockabilly thing, then the end of the 80s was the late 60s again. So in hauling out the 80s again, we get the see the 50s and mid 60s all over again. hopefully these horrible bell bottoms will finally die and we can have pointy-toed witchy boots again.

Jon said:

Memories get fonder the farther away from them (in time) you get; nostalgia, baby! That and I think statistically, most people think their respective formative decade was the end-all, be-all time and everything since is all downhill.

Would I *want* to revert back to party lines and parachute pants? No way! But I sure enjoy reminiscing about them from time to time. ;)