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It's Almost Showtime Baby!


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It's almost time for monkeys on parade, but I'll probably wait until Monday to get to that. Friday at last and nothing makes the day seem to go slower when everyone else in the office is gone. The insane have joined the ranks of holiday drivers on the loose. It will be interesting to see if it's crazy or crazy insane, or crazy insane clown posse insane on my bike ride home.

Boy just as I thought up a post on how I would trade some of my gMail invites for people's souls, Google changes the rules. Just when I went out to the garage to dig out the old soul jar, it looks like I can no longer use it. Oh well. It always seems like The Man always comes down on you when you try to sell something you got for free for something. Before gMail being a beta tester was never such a good thing. I think there's usually clauses you have to agree to that prevent you from selling your beta software. Seems fair that Google asks for the same thing.

On the random note: I'm Ugoff. and I can design a pouch with my eyes closed. If My hands were tied behind my back, I could design a pouch with my toes. If that ain't a talent, I don't know what is.

Permanent Makeup Look like yourself, only better! Holy crap, that picture is probably going to do more damage than good. I mean, would want to look like that all the time?

Southern Florida to Oklahoma = $200. Southern Florida to Washington State = $300. Oh yeah, the auction is closed, but here's what the Oki’s could have won. No odors or major damage. What a deal. :)

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Jesse Thompson said:

Oh yeah, the article mentions that you cannot sell/swap Gmail *accounts*, but that they don't intend to discourage selling/swapping *invites*
The issue here is people abusing Gmail in leui of FTP, like mail yourself a gigabyte of warez and then sell somebody the password to your account.