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Having the Fourth of July on a Sunday is wonderful when your employer makes the following Monday a holiday day. Unfortunately, my wife's place of employment did not seem to follow that. Of course she only had to be to work at 8am, when the previous year I had to be a work at 6am the following day, which I found was a bad idea.

The actual day was pretty good. We went down to participate in the annual Pet Parade. As I've mentioned before, this is the most casual parade on the face of the planet. Just show up, stand in a section that sort of classifies what you have (a dog, a wagon, or whatever). This was the fourth time I've brought my monkey in the mini Radio Flyer, this being the 3rd Fourth of July parade and the other being the time I punk'd the x-mas parade. It's just damn funny for people to see a really tall guy pulling a really small wagon with a monkey. I always get a lot of laughs and always here 'look at the monkey'. There was some kid on a pogo-stick that stole my thunder. He better watch his back next year.

This year during the evening fireworks display we stayed at home, which means not having to drive home afterward, saving an hour of my time. For the second year, I decided to photograph the display. This time I was farther away, so I wasn't sure what kind of results I would get, but overall I was happy with quite a few pictures. Overall, a good Fourth of July. No fingers lost and I got to sleep in the next day.

Prior to Sunday was Saturday. Besides that amazing fact, it was also free comic book day. I checked around to see if anyone in my area was participating. Sure enough one local store was. This store was a place that Brad and I used to visit quite often to buy baseball cards and comics. That was back in the day when every cent you had had to be invested in collectible sports cards and comics. This went on for years and years, until the baseball card industry killed itself (in my opinion) by releasing 25 billion special edition sets with rare and ultra rare ultra super special cards. Left with a bad taste in my mouth, I backed away from buying baseball cards.

This was probably my second visit to the shop in 10 years. I think the last time back in 1993 or so, I was left with a bad taste as well. I was going on a trip to Arizona to watch spring training baseball games. Spring training was the place to go if you wanted to get autographs from players. Knowing this, I wanted to have cards from everyone possible on the rosters of teams I would be seeing. I made up a list and went down to the shop. I hadn't been in there for a while and hadn't been buying cards at all period. The owner actually was pissed that I was there buying a few cards of players that I didn't have any cards of for my spring training visit. He blasted me with questions like, 'where have you been buying your cards?' and stuff along the lines of noting coming in to just buy a few things. The nerve. I didn't say anything back, but I knew I wouldn't be going back there again soon.

Free Comic Book Day brought me back to the store this year. My wife was interested and we were in the vicinity, so we popped in. We spent 10 minutes looking for the free comics. Finally we found the box, and my wife asked 'what are these?', to get an official response that they were the free comics. The clerk behind the counter replied, 'those are free, IF you buy something'. My wife wanted a couple of X-Men comics, so we ended up getting some as well. Before we left the owner came in, making a comment about the free* comics, 'these sure aren't going fast'. Go figure. It felt better today when I sent that story to the people at the site and got a reply back saying they would look into the matter. Maybe some nasty words will come back to the same person who dealt them out, just a little late, but better than never.

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Brad said:

I've walked by said shop several times in the last few weeks. Jeff and I were amazed it was still there. I am hoping the baseball card fever catches on again so that i can sell my stash and retire.